🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 Five-Frog Review in The American Biology Teacher!

I’m a huge fan of the National Center for Science Education, a premier not-for-profit organization that works with teachers, parents, scientists, and concerned citizens to ensure that topics like evolution and climate change are taught accurately, honestly and confidently. They are AWESOME! And working very hard to create tools and resources to help students!

So, I’m supremely grateful to Lin Andrews, Director of Teacher Support at NCSE, for writing a glowing review of OUT OF THE BLUE for The American Biology Teacher, the award-winning professional journal for K-16 teachers. Lin took the time to not only read the book (okay, so that doesn’t take all that long . . . ) but also dove into the curriculum and videos. Some of her comments:

“The curriculum guide offers students the opportunity to engage with the evidence relevant to deep time, natural selection, adaptation, biodiversity, and much more. It even allows elementary students to tackle their first cladogram! By providing teachers with ready-made lessons, Shreeve increases the chance that her book will be used in classrooms, as it amply deserves to be. As a reviewer that spends a great deal of time looking for accurate evolution education resources, I give this book and accompanying resources two opposable thumbs way, way up!

Link to the entire review is here.