OUT OF THE BLUE is coming in paperback!

Great news from Candlewick Press! OUT OF THE BLUE will be published as a lower cost paperback in June 2024. I’m thrilled that the book will be accessible to more readers. Thank you, Candlewick!

🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 Five-Frog Review in The American Biology Teacher!

I’m a huge fan of the National Center for Science Education, a premier not-for-profit organization that works with teachers, parents, scientists, and concerned citizens to ensure that topics like evolution and climate change are taught accurately, honestly and confidently. They are AWESOME! And working very hard to create tools and resources to help students! So,… Read more »

Northern California Book Awards!

Super thrilled to win the Northern California Book Award for Children’s Literature: Younger Readers! This wonderful group of poets, writers, and librarians review dozens of books written by authors living in northern California, across a wide spectrum of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translation, and children’s books. They select a short list of nominees and announce the… Read more »


So happy to officially announce this next book with Norton Young Readers! It will be the companion title for THE UPSIDE-DOWN BOOK OF SLOTHS and both will be illustrated by the wonderful artist Isabella Grott. In preparation for finishing the manuscript, I traveled to Georgia and Florida for some armadillo spotting. (They are the most… Read more »

Celebrate the Ocean with NMEA

I’m super excited to be speaking at the National Marine Education Association Annual Conference at Hofstra University, NY on July 10 at 4:45 pm ET. I’ll present on Using Nonfiction Books for Ocean Literacy: Classroom-Ready Resources that Kids Love. What a great topic, right? In addition to OUT OF THE BLUE, I’ll showcase a variety of outstanding nonfiction… Read more »

New Curriculum Posted!

Teachers, homeschoolers, kids! Announcing the updated, five-part CURRICULUM for OUT OF THE BLUE, featuring fun classroom activities and videos that engage kids with Earth history, evolution, biodiversity, and ocean science. It’s been thoroughly tested by real live kids and streamlined to be easy to use. Aligns with NGSS and Common Core/ELA—a great way to strengthen… Read more »