Information on Visits to Schools, Libraries, and Museums

I love talking with kids (and their grownups!) about reading books, researching new topics, and creating stories. Whether online or in-person, my author visits are adaptable to different age groups and venues.

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There’s nothing better than lighting a spark of interest in a child’s mind!

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to use Out of the Blue book and curriculum for my 3rd graders. The hands-on activities tied well with the book and videos, and students loved creating their own predators and prey, making mini-books, and exploring how creatures might evolve. I look forward to using this program again.” —Sierra S., K-6 STEM teacher, Southern California

🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 ”OUT OF THE BLUE is a user-friendly book, not just on account of the easy-to-follow journey through time but also because Shreeve has developed an entire curriculum and video series . . . As a reviewer that spends a great deal of time looking for accurate evolution education resources, I give this book and accompanying resources two opposable thumbs way, way up!” –Lin Andrews, Director of Teacher Support, National Center for Science Education; Reviewed in The American Biology Teacher, October 2022

“Thank you again for your visit today. It was a perfect presentation for the 2nd grade’s study of stories. You walked them smoothly through the process of creating a book – story idea, drafts, publisher, illustrator choice, drafts, final product – and how long it all takes. It was totally enjoyable!” —Lisa Engelhardt, Pre-elementary / Elementary Librarian

“Dear Ms. Shreeve, Thank you for coming to my school. You are the best author I ever seen. Could you come over my house sometime? I will ask my mom.” —Love, Hayley

“Elizabeth was terrific! She had GREAT information…it was just delightful.”—Teachers, Berkwood Hedge School

“You did an amazing job! The kids kept asking questions all day. As you know, asking questions is how it all begins!”– Lisa Rose, Librarian, Waterford Montessori School


LINK SCIENCE TO LANGUAGE ARTS! Developed by a STEM teacher, this guide allows educators to select activities to suit the interests and needs of their students.


A fun, NGSS-aligned curriculum with crossovers to math, literacy, and visual arts.



Using Science to Teach Common Core – Classroom-Ready Curriculum for Nonfiction Books that Kids Will Love: Presented at the California Teachers Association Good Teaching Conference, Orange County, CA